Reunion 2019 – July 24 – 28, 2019


Schedule of Happenings and Events



UWPIAA Welcome Celebration Dinner

UWPIAA Jeopardy “A Challenge of the Eras”.

Dance Party by Crystal Stark.


Reunion 2019 Opening Session

UWPIAA President Phil Worcester.

UWP Founder, J. Blanton Belk, Betty Belk and Invited Dignitaries.

UWP President & CEO Dale Penny - Announcement of an exciting multi-year initiative to extend Up with People’s global reach and impact.

Up with People Performers.

Tribute to Ralph Colwell - One of Up with People’s musical founders.

Founders Legacy Lunch

Exciting Workshops

Regional Receptions
Alumni Recognition Dinner & Program

Featuring the J. Blanton Belk Award Recipient.

James E. MacLennan Everyday Hero Award Recipients.


Cast Photos

Solidify your cast Reunion Experience with a Cast Photo.

Exciting Workshops

ERA Shows

Perform a few songs of your show to all Eras. Get out the Bengay and Ibuprofen.


Get Your Suite Upgrade - Only A Few Left

Perfect location for a gathering enhancement of all your castmates.

Resort Suite - $3,000.00, Grand Suite - $2,000.00, Master Suite - $1,800.00

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